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LeAnn @ ACM Awards 2010

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LeAnn has attended the “Academy of Country Music Awards” on Sunday, plus a couple of the adjoining events. Have a picspammage. ;D
The first event to show up was the “Chairman’s Ride” at which she and Eddie had their share of fun with honkin’ big motorcycles and Guns. O__o I really love her outfit here with the jeans and the simple top – it looks so natural.

Next there was the “Lifting Lives USO Show” held on Nellis Air Force Base for the troops; LeAnn and a couple of others shared the stage. She twittered how much respect she has for what the troops do for the country.

She also glided along the orange carpet of the “ACM Awards” glamorous as ever, accompanied by Eddie. Her outfit left me speechless! ♥__♥ The new hairdo is awesome, the blue dress breathtaking, jewellery and make up as well. Gorgeous!!

I’ll admit it, in the beginning I was really torn what to think on the whole cheating enchilada and had no idea who to root for. Maybe everyone did their share of mistakes and it always takes two to tango. But obviously LeAnn and Eddie are very happy together, judged by her cheery tweets, his recent interview spread and these pictures.
Of course the usual sources like WireImage and Getty have a lot more of the respective events... =( I got these ones solely off of JustJared and CC.

I also want to point out two videos for you guys.
Purple Rain (live)
Here we have TV concert coverage of her doing the Prince classic “Purple Rain” at age 16. I totally love her interpretation!

Summertime @ CMT Crossroads 2007
Then, just for the sake of the awesomeness of it, here’s again the “Summertime” performance of the Special she did with Joss Stone. It blows my mind again and again how well LeAnn did Joss’ Blues and how well they went together, but this one tops all – watch LeAnn's note starting at 3:49 and running through to 4:01! O___o Jesus Christ, even Joss was amazed and everyone in the audience gave standing ovations for that!

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