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Well, my name is Nina and I’m a big LeAnn fan from good ol’ Germany (bad area to be a fan, actually). I decided to revive this almost dead one here and thus I call all Fans with an LJ (namely Lala and Lissa :D) – Le deserves at least one LJ community alive and kickin’!

Thought I’d let you in on some recent Album News. She is currently in studio, recording for her newest Album called “Family”, which is some kind of an anniversary – it’s gonna be her 10th studio album! It is scheduled for this Spring and she has been working on it since almost a year now. Each song on it is written by her and Dean, so it is literally a family project. Le is very excited about this record and to be honest, so am I. What I’ve heard so far (Live Performances of two Songs and Snippets from the fanclub) is seriously awesome. I just hope, that at least one of those songs (“Stay”) gonna make the cut on the album... Le said that she is now writing her Thank You Lines and picking the artwork, so that makes it look like the release date is already so close. Makes me damn excited, tho it’s probably still a few months to go.

Then I have some pimping to do. *lol* I want to invite you all to the english Forum of We are all pretty nice Ppl and you'll also find up-to-date News, Multimedia, Pictures and Graphics.

Come and join!

Last but not least I have a Picspam for you. These Pix are from a recent private concert that she did in late 2006 and Credit for the original Source goes to Matt and Rosebud @

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