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recent LeAnn stuff

You can always notice when it goes towards an album release – the artists is featured quite often in the media. ;)
She had quite an awesome article with the OK! Magazine in which she talked about the mistakes on her part with ending the marriage with Dean and getting it on with Eddie.
My personal opinion - I commend her for admitting that she made a mistake and I feel like she's genuinely sorry. However, I also think the public should stop putting her in positions where she has to defend herself against accusations of people that have no business with her life. She did what everyone should do – learn from mistakes so that they don't happen again.

LeAnn also graced the cover of Shape again, this time in a sexy red bikini. The site also provided a hub about her, with boxing workout details, more pictures and a behind-the-scenes video clip - here. I love the clip, she looked absolutely terrific!

I also found a couple of LQ concert pictures, all from her gig at the Ironstone Vineyard in Murphys, CA.

Also, she's been photographed by Make-up artist Troy Jensen and looked so damn pretty.

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