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CMT Music Awards 2010

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I was excited upon coming home from work to scour the internet for material from the "CMT Music Awards" and here now is all the compiled stuff about LeAnn – she looked absolutely gorgeous! ♥
I absolutely adored her look, consisting of a Mara Hoffman dress, Jimmy Choo shoes and Neil Lane jewellery and the whole package just looked dazzlingly healthy and happy, she shone from within!

CMT Awards 2010 – Red Carpet

CMT Awards 2010 – Rehearsal

Picture credit to JustJared and CelebrityCity; as usual there are more at the unreachable locations – especially the awesome looking performance at WireImage and Getty...

Of course there is the video to her stunning premiere of "Swingin'" - it was one powerhouse performance. We know she put so much work and rehearsals into this performance and it totally showed – she rocked that stage!! It made me like the song a whole lot more now! WATCH IT HERE!!! Now I am even more curious for the video, set to debut on CMT next week!

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